The challenges of Child Sexual Abuse Online and Digital Parenting — in conversation with Arnika Singh, Co-Founder- Social Media Matters

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  • Learn about safety mechanisms online: There is ample information that can help you control your data. We are continuing with our workshops to sensitise people about online safety and improve their online experience.
  • Report incidents to the platform: If you want the platforms to take action you have to report it, so that platform is at least notified. Even when one goes to file an FIR or reach out through any helpline, the first thing they will ask is whether you have reported it on the platform.
  • Reach out to mentors or organizations: In the case of an incident, approach somebody that you can trust to help you, like a mentor in your school/university or agencies like Social Media Matters.
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  • Don’t victim blame: One thing we should remember is that we should not do victim blaming. If this happens to you, you should not go into the thought process that I did something wrong. The internet has both good things and bad. We all create our own paths and are learning about what you should and should not do.
  • Build resilience: We need to start building resilience among younger children now. At Social Media Matters, we’ve started initiatives like “Digital Parenting” through which we encourage parents not to ban their kids from getting on social media. This will only create a curiosity amongst children who will find ways to access it regardless of restrictions. Parents should speak to their kids about both the good and evil that they will experience on the internet. Talk to them about the impact it can have on them and assure them that if they come into trouble they will be there for them. Mentoring them will help them identify what is wrong and right for them.
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